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Friday, 28 March 2014


I'm fairly lazy when it comes to hair and skin care, as i usually stick to what i know and try to keep it simple, so i can get up and ready as fast as possible and get on with my day. I've made a mood board full of no nonsense hair and beauty items from Hairtrade that work and are easy to use for girls like me who don't have lots of time in the mornings and evenings! I started with the cute lounging around outfit and eye mask as i thought it was cute and girly, if i'm chilling out at home i like to be comfy so this is just right for that. Tangle Teezers are ideal for my long hair as it knots and mattes ridiculously easily, i definitely recommend getting one if you don't already have one -  i also use hair oils to keep my hair smooth, shiny and more manageable. I've always wanted a pair of GHD hair straighteners, the new pastel colours are so pretty so i think i might have to take the plunge and invest in some! A decent moisturiser is an important part of my regime as i have weird combination skin, so something like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream is a great all round product for morning and night time. A slick of lip balm and a spray of perfume keep me smelling nice, and of course lots of water to keep my body and skin hydrated!
Do you have any favourite products?
*Night time top here, shorts here*
*All beauty products available here*



  1. Really love everything here and I always use my GHDs for day's when my hair needs tamed ;) and really need to get myself a tangle teezer at some point! xx

  2. I've got the Periwinkle Pastel GHD's and they're amazing!


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