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Friday, 11 April 2014

Dublin April 2014

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! As i mentioned in the previous post G and I took a trip to Dublin last week for a chilled out few days. We stayed in a beachside hotel in Portmarnock just outside Dublin as we wanted a little bit of peace and quiet at the end of each day - Portmarnock is so pretty and peaceful, the hotel was awesome and only a short trip on the bus into the city centre so ideal for us!
I wasn't too sure what to expect as i hadn't been to Dublin before, it's a great city but was mega busy at all times of the day. Obviously lots of people go there to drink and be merry, but we wanted to visit some museums, eat lots of food and generally bumble around - the layout was slightly odd though as it's all kind of thrown in together, bars next to shops next to houses next to historical places, so it was quite interesting walking around as you don't really know what's around the corner!
One of the highlights from the trip was the National Museum of Ireland which was insanely good and so interesting, the archaeology section was so impressive and a real feast for the eyes so if you're into History i definitely recommend it! Temple Bar was quite dingy and not really our scene, but we still had a nosey around which was good, but be prepared for ridiculous prices if you go for a drink. We also enjoyed some Irish music at the hotel one night which was fab and lots of fun!
I've added some pictures below so you can see what else we got up to, i wanted the cheeky Samoyed dog to come home with me but sadly he wouldn't fit in my suitcase.


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