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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Milan May 2014

I mentioned previously that G and I took a little vacay to Milan last weekend for four days, so here is the post where i can share with you some of the snaps from the trip! We kind of fell in love with the whole city really, it's so beautiful and the buildings are stunning, plus it's really well laid out with loads of transport links so it's easy to get around by hopping on and off the underground and trams. When we first arrived we strolled around, explored the area near our hotel and ventured into the main square - the weather was hot and sunny, which always makes me happy, but also meant we didn't have to rush and stuff which was nice!

We were so excited to go to the Duomo, a huge gothic cathedral in the centre of Milan, which was SO insane - we walked up the tiny, narrow staircase to get to the top where you have views of the whole city which was amazing, but did make me feel a little sick as it's so high up! There's an old shopping centre next to the Duomo so of course we had a look around there too - the shops were mega posh, and were mostly designer (Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc.) but there were also some high street shops like Zara which had chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a sweeping staircase where everything was spotless and beautifully laid out. The people of Milan were friendly too, and oh so well dressed, so it was good to just wander about people watching and relaxing.

One of my favourite places was the park, where there's castles, ponds with wildlife, and lots of people chilling out eating gelato - which we ate lots of, one evening we stopped off at a traditional gelato shop and bumped into some local firemen and nuns who were also getting gelato, so cool, i opted for the pistachio because it's the best! I'm always a little worried eating abroad as i'm coeliac, but thankfully the Italians are really clued up on it so there was gluten free pizza, pasta, bread and everything in between - i ate loads, obviously, and it was super tasty! The break was fab, and Milan is so chic and chilled out, i 100% recommend it to everyone of all ages if you're looking to book a little trip away!

I hope you enjoy the pictures :).


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