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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Monday Piece - Selfridges Birmingham Beauty Hall

This week's Monday Piece is on the fantastic new Beauty Hall at Selfridges Birmingham. Selfridges have recently launched a huge beauty campaign across their stores, named The Beauty Project, it's all about how people define beauty, what being beautiful is all about, and how to find beauty in everyone! You can find lots of beauty related things going on in your local Selfridges, from talks with professional make up artists, to skin care workshops, google hangouts and limited edition products - you can see the full timetable here.

On Wednesday night we were invited to a party at Selfridges Birmingham, to celebrate the launch of the new Beauty Hall in connection with The Beauty Project. We started with champagne on the balcony, and chatting with other guests, then were led downstairs to a staged area where we were told to wait for an important guest performance! The ladies told us all about The Beauty Hall and how it's the biggest luxury beauty department outside of London - you could instantly tell so much work had gone into it, and the staff were so positive, excited and proud to show it off. The performance then started and we were open mouth shocked when Kelis came out and started singing - dressed in a multicolour dress and big high heels, she looked incredible and sounded amazing! Strutting around the stage and being a general goddess, it was such a special performance - thank you Selfridges!

Following the beautiful Kelis, we were given time to browse the beauty hall and test out the products with some more champagne and yummy food - it's absolutely massive, and very glossy and new - featuring brands including Chanel, Illamasqua, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury and Jo Malone (and many more) it's a beauty lovers paradise. There's a dedicated area to perfume too, where you can find rare, exclusive brands as well as other well known fragrances. The Beauty Hall environment looks and feels so luxurious, plus there are lots of staff on hand to assist with any purchases or treatments. As well as beauty and fragrance, there are also hair and skin care stations, again with lots of exclusive products and treatments!

It was such an exciting evening, with surprises and treats to take away, The Beauty Hall at Selfridges Birmingham is not to be missed, and the Beauty Project is running nationwide until June 12th - please do check it out!


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  1. Kelis is such a babe! I wish we had a Selfridges in Bristol!

    Tara xo


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