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Monday, 11 August 2014

The Monday Piece - Wagamama Birmingham

This week's Monday Piece is on Wagamama Birmingham! I was recently given some vouchers so I could go and try some of the gluten free menu. I don't usually eat Japanese food as its so hard trying to find gluten free options, but Wagamama has lots so it's great for coeliacs like me! Lots of the noodle dishes can be customised to be gluten free, as well as the salads and rice too. I chose a rice bowl with meat and miso soup - the waitress was so helpful and new exactly what to offer me, as she explained they have separate gluten free soy sauce and marinades. So I was confident that everything would be ok with my food! I was so peckish and was a happy bunny when the food arrived in about 15 minutes, not too bad at all, and it was really hot too. My rice dish was really tasty and had lots of prawns, chicken and veg, it also came with a separate sauce to pour over it, and the miso soup too. My guest had a chicken and rice dish also, but with a light oyster sauce - it smelt to good and was really light and fresh. I had a fab time at Wagamama, plus it's super easy to get to as its in the centre of Birmingham next to the Bull Ring - I'll definitely be returning for more gluten free goodness! 

*Meal c/o Wagamama Birmingham*



  1. Really delicious, and suitable for coeliacs!! I'm happy because sometimes I want to eat something japanese too, but it's always really difficult to find that dishes without gluten :P I want to go there now! :D Kisses


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