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Monday, 20 October 2014

The Monday Piece - Holiday Photos Magaluf 2014

This week's Monday Piece is on my holiday photos! The week before last my sister Georgia and I went over to Magaluf...i know it sounds grim, and to be fair we expected it to be pretty rough, buuut actually it's not as bad as people have made out and we had so much fun! We both hadn't done the whole 'girls holiday' thing so went out with an open mind. We went at the end of the season, so it wasn't rammed, though still enough people to have a laugh on a night out etc. We didn't take that many photos as we didn't use our phones and kind of forgot, and most of the photos are probs not so suitable for the blog so i've included some generic 'holiday snaps' below!

Georgia got a tattoo on the first night, hilarious, but actually it looks so cute as it's a little elephant on her foot, so nothing ridiculous, no tattoos for me though - however we met a group of 'lads' the same night, one of which got a 'H' for Heidi tattoo inside a star on his banter points for him! We drank in lots of different bars and pubs, the strip has a massive choice and the drinks were so cheap it was silly. We also got lapdances off some sassy ladies which was fairly decent entertainment, and met lots of funny groups of people, including some rugby lads who we did a clothes swap with...We also did maybe too much karaoke, blaming the tequila for that! In the day we chilled in the sun, swam in the pool, went to the beach, played beach ball, drank cocktails and ate fried breakfasts - we needed our down time in the day so it was great to just relax and not worry about life. We also bumped into some Malvern folk one night, which was bizarre as our town is kind of small, so we had lots of fun with them singing karaoke and dancing! I'd definitely recommend Magaluf in October, the reps are the most annoying human beings i've ever met and you can't escape them, but there's lots of fun and hilarious antics to be had and the weather was hot and sunny!



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