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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Monday Piece - Recent Snaps

This week's Monday Piece is on a few recent snaps i thought i'd share with you! I've been enjoying some chilled out time, with friends and family, doing lots of fun stuff! A friend and I went to an insane restaurant in Cheltenham called Lumiere, where we ate 10 courses of the most incredible food i've ever eaten. My favourite was the food version of a tequila slammer - a shard of salted sugar, followed by a tequila slush, then a popping lemon ball to finish, was so good! Also been on a few nights out with pals, just up town drinking wine and keeping cosy in a blanket. My family and i went to a family christening not so long ago, so i've popped up a picture of my, my brothers and sisters outfits! Can't believe how chilly it's become, i've been wrapping up in layers already, and found the most awesome tartan scarf in Primark for a fiver that i can barely take off! I'll do my best to get an outfit post up asap :).



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