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Monday, 5 October 2015

The Monday Piece - Jimmi Jamms

This week's Monday Piece is on Jimmi Jamms! Getting cosy is my favourite thing when it gets colder and winter creeps in, chilled nights in with a film and snacks is just the best, and when i'm wrapped up in a super soft pair of pj's i go into hibernation mode - i am all about the comfort and if you can look good whilst taking time out then it's a double whammy! I've been in this pair of Jimmi Jamms all weekend, the pink, white and blue combo is so pretty and girly - and they're so soft and snug too. The bunny logo is super duper cute and they are of course ridiculously comfortable.

I chose a classic pair called 'The Heritage Set' and one of their signature hoodies, it's so much more than sleepwear as i've been lounging around in them and using them as my go to comfy outfit, they look and feel amazing! My sister popped over whilst i was chilling in them and almost stripped me of's she's going to pick a pair for herself off their website, i recommend you do too :) ! Sizing is spot on, i went for a small and they fit just right, hooray!

They have a selection of printed styles, all in pretty pastels and prints - as well as Jimmi Jamms pyjamas, they also sell loungewear, blankets and nighties, it's all ideal for lounging! The packaging is equally as cute and cool, as they come boxed in colourful milk cartons, i'm their new biggest fan and will be stocking up ready for winter, they also make the best idea for a gift!

*c/o Jimmi Jamms pyjamas and hoodie, here*



  1. I didn't know this brand and it looks great! I loved hooded tops and plaids, and these clothes look really great!

  2. What a cool brand name!? Love the plaid!

    Tara x


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