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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Rush Hair Birmingham Review

A few weeks ago i attended the opening of the new Rush Hair salon in central Birmingham, my hair was long overdue a tidy up so i was keen to get in and get it done! The salon is located just opposite House of Fraser in the centre of the city so it's easy to find and get to whether you're getting the train or driving. It's SO sleek and looks awesome, everything is high shine and feels luxurious and almost spa like. I was given a nice hot cup of tea and some chocolates whilst i was waiting, then Head Stylist David came over to say hello and get me seated ready for my trim.

Their customer service levels were absolutely amazing, often in hairdressers you find that they're trying to rush you, or that they don't really listen to what you say - we've all been there when you ask for a certain style and leave with a cut and finish you really didn't what, and one you're not happy with - so it was great to be made to feel comfortable and relaxed. David listened to everything i had to say, and was mega attentive and really helpful, he first washed my hair using Kerastase products - i'd not used this brand before but had heard a lot about it and wasn't disappointed, my hair was softer and shinier and looked so much better just after the first wash!

After being washed my tresses were ready for their trim, i only wanted a little bit off the length and a general tidy up, and usually go into panic mode when i see a big pair of scissors coming at me and my locks, but David knew exactly what i wanted and took his time, carefully and slowly snipping away. I was relieved to be honest, it rages me when hairdressers snip snip snip too quickly as you can't see how much is being taken off, but this wasn't like that at all! My hair was then blow dried and styled into a sleek, tidy and clean look, it looked great compared to before and even though i only had a little off it made a huge difference. I then had a chat with David about the products he used, and what he thought would be best for my hair, which was helpful and interesting - it's definitely made me think twice about using any type of product!

It was such a pleasure to get my hair done at Rush, and it's a salon i'll definitely be using again, i thoroughly recommend it and as they've just opened there are some fab new client offers, check them all out here. They're open seven days a week too so there's sure to be an appointment to suit your lifestyle!

Unit S10, (72 Corporation Street), Martineau Place
West Midlands
B2 4UQ

Opening Hours
Mon to Wed: 9am – 8pm
Thurs & Fri: 9am – 9pm
Sat: 9am to 6pm
Sun: 10am to 5pm

*c/o Rush hair cut and blow dry*


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  1. Ah, it looks amazing! Their new salon opened in Bristol at the weekend, I'm hoping to go and check it out for myself. :)

    T Xx


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