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Monday, 16 November 2015

The Monday Piece - Men's Gift Ideas

This week's Monday Piece is on Men's gift ideas! Christmas is on it's way and i've just about started to get into the swing of doing my Christmas shopping and figuring out what i want to get my loved ones. I think Christmas should be fun and i like to pick fun, simple gifts, though i find it super easy to shop for the girls and women in my life, i find it more tricky when choosing for the chaps - maybe because they're more fussy...or because they're less easily pleased!

I've been browsing sites, checking out the latest gifts for men, including classic things and stocking fillers, and have found so much on toy/gadget/fun website Hawkin's Bazaar  as they sell a wide variety of things ideal for opening up on Christmas morning! Boys love their toys, whether young or old most guys love a cool gadget or grown up toy - beanie hats with integrated headphones, selfie sticks, and a desk vacuum cleaner make good fun, practical and ace gifts. Definitely check out their site for some inspiration, plus it's at bargain prices which is always nice :).

I think whoever you're looking to treat this Christmas, there's something for everyone as Hawkin's Bazaar, especially if you're after unusual gifts or something a little quirky like a lollipop with a scorpion inside...tasty! I've selected some men's gift ideas below, the remote control helicopters, Star Wars Origami and Downton Abbey game are sure to be a real crowd pleaser on the day!

Men's Gifts


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