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Sunday, 13 December 2015

K.Jacques Customised Sandals

K.Jacques are renowned for making luxury leather sandals in the sunny region of Saint Tropez in France, so when they got in touch asking if i'd like to customise my own pair i was thrilled! Their website is really easy to use as you scroll through the different sandals and accessories, if an item is possible to personalise there is an option do so. By selecting the style you want, you then choose the colour of the leather, the style of the leather, the material, and any other special requirements you may have. By adding to basket and creating an account, the first step of the personalisation process is complete. After this you get you're own K Jacques stylist contact you via email, offering any assistance on the style and design you have chosen, as well as offering advice and checking through all of the details with you to ensure you get the style and design you want.

At first i had a look through their inspiration gallery to check out the styles people had pre-designed and ordered, i loved all of the prints and different colours and textures! I was so tempted to design a brightly coloured multi-coloured metallic leather pair, all singing all dancing, but lets face it i always knew i wanted something sleek, sharp, smart and cool - in the colour that goes with! I fancied myself a pair of their incredible gladiator sandals, i am quite the fan of a statement shoe so the Appia sandals caught my eye and i decided to go ahead and get them customised. I originally chose them to be made from black suede however when the stylist got in touch they recommended the nubuck black leather as it's more hard wearing than suede and has a silky soft finish with a suede look - well their recommendation was spot on as the nubuck looks and feels amazing!

All of the sandals are made onsite, by hand, in Saint Tropez, so i was expecting to wait a good few weeks for them to arrive with me in the UK, but within 6 days i had an email to say they were ready and on their way for delivery the following day! I received them 7 days after the original order so i was super impressed at their speedy service and attentive customer service levels. The Appia sandals are i everything i expected and more, the packaging is great as they came boxed with a dustbag and care details - i love the style, they come to just under my knee so are ultra high on the leg which i love, and the studs down the middles add a little grunge to them which matches my style so well! They fit true to size and the adjustable straps mean they can fit legs of all lengths and sizes - the leather is thick and tough, which will age beautifully over time - when Summer comes they won't leave my feet, they are just fab!

K.Jacques also offer care and repair on all of their sandals, the craftsmanship is stunning just like their customer service. I've been really impressed with their levels of service and how beautifully made these sandals are, thank you K.Jacques!

*c/o K.Jacques customised sandals, here*



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