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Monday, 2 May 2016

The Monday Piece - RUSH Birmingham Balayage Review

This week's Monday Piece is on RUSH Birmingham balayage review! I've been wanting to start the balayage process for a while now but wanted to go somewhere i knew i could trust to do a good job, so i went to the RUSH salon in Birmingham to review their very popular balayage service! My hair is fairly long so i want to avoid the 'stripy' or 'blocky' standard ombre, i explained to my lovely stylist Lewis that i was looking for something more natural that blended into my hair that i could then build up as and when i please - Lewis was great and reassured me that they'd make it look as natural as possible, adding in some honey colours to break up the brown a little.

They started off by dying my hair, and left it to develop, once done i went to have it washed off and a toner put in to get rid of any weird colouring the dye might have produced - followed by an amazing Kerastase treatment that left my hair smelling, looking, and feeling amazing! My hair was a little scruffy and needed a tidy up, so Lewis trimmed the ends taking an inch off whilst it was wet to give it a more sleek, healthy appearance. I'm not the biggest fan of having it trimmed as i'm always scared the stylist will take too much off, but Lewis reassured me and showed me exactly how much was going to be taken off which definitely put me more at ease! When blow dried and styled i couldn't wait to see the finished result and how it looked - i was in the salon for around 3 hours so it took a little time, and it was dark outside when we finished, so i'm hoping the pictures have captured the colours well, if not then this blog post also shows the colours nicely in a more natural light. I've included a before, during and after photo so you can see the change!

I'm mega happy with how it looks and as it's a gradual change it wasn't too much to get used to, i'm loving the lighter style and think it'll be great when the weather gets brighter too - Lewis recommended another 2 balayage slots to get to the final result and full ombre style so watch this space! RUSH Birmingham looked after me so well and are awesome at what they do, so if you're after a new salon to go to then definitely check them out!

*Haircut c/o RUSH Birmingham, for full details of the salon click here*



  1. Beautiful hair!

  2. Eeep, your hair looks amazing! I'd love to try this. My RUSH is ammmazing, I adore my stylist - she's the best hairdresser I've ever had. :)

    T xo


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