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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Why ChloBo Charm Bracelets Make The Perfect Gift

Why charm bracelets make the perfect gift
I don’t know about you, but I always get really stuck when buying people gifts. I end up spending hours trying to think of a really cool idea only to fall back on the usual ones like a bottle of prosecco, chocolates and a nice scarf. Those are all presents I’d be more than happy to receive, but the problem is they’re just not very personal. In today’s post, I thought I’d tell you about my latest gift idea and why I think it beats all other. Charm bracelets are fashionable, stylish and most of all, they something about the person receiving it. Let’s see if you agree!

You can match them to a personality
No matter what kind of style your friends go for, there will always be a collection to suit them. The boho jewellery collection at ChloBo for example, is perfect for those in your circle of friends who like to be a little bit quirky and prefer jewellery that’s a bit different to most other people. By picking a charm bracelet, you still get to pick one that has a symbol of something they love, but in a style that they’d feel comfortable wearing. Similarly, for people who prefer that understated look, ChloBo also have a wide range of charm bracelets that are simple bands with a subtle gem stone addition.

You can use them to tell a story
Do you have a funny story from your relationship that will always be the "remember when" anecdote? Is there something about them as a person that makes them stand out to you like no one else? If so, charm bracelets are a great way to tell that story. It could be that they’ve been through incredibly difficult times recently, and you want to show them how awesome they are. If this is the case, a dragonfly charm is the symbol for courage and strength, and you could add some grey agate to their bracelet, which is said to balance energies and bring good fortune.. Or, it could be that they’ve always been the person you turn to when you need advice, in which case the angel is the symbol of guidance and faith, while using the black horn gem stone is believed to bring wisdom.

They’ll go with any outfit
From purely a practical point of view, charm bracelets are the perfect piece of jewellery to buy someone because they go with any outfit! Whether your friend prefers silver, gold or rose gold, you can pick a bracelet that matches the colour of their other jewellery and then they can mix it up with their favourite pieces. For example, if your friend wears coral every summer, the Aventurine bracelets in the new Luna Soul range from ChloBo have a beautiful peach tinge to them that would go perfectly. Plus, in a way, they have a gift for life. Not just because it’s something physical and precious that they can keep, but because each year you know exactly what to get them!

What charms would you put on your bracelet?



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