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Monday, 7 November 2016

The Monday Piece - Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

This week's Monday Piece is on Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car! I thought this would be the ideal post to kick start my Hong Kong diary, as it was one of our most enjoyable days! We had done lots of research before we arrived in Hong Kong, and planned out everything we wanted to see and do as we wanted to cram as much in as possible - this was actually one of our most wanted things that we wanted to do, Ngong Ping 360 cable car is a huge stretch of cable car stretching from the bottom of Lantau Island, Tung Chung, to the top, Ngong Ping nestled in the mountains.

We took a crystal cabin from the start point right up to the top of the mountains, the crystal cabin was amazing as the floor is glass so you get to see the whole island from 360 degrees for the full 5.7km journey - everywhere you turn there are breathtaking views and things to see - we travelled over the sea, roads and lush forest, it was incredible and so exciting getting to see Lantau Island in all of it's glory including views of the giant Tian Tan Buddha Statue and South China Sea, as well as Hong Kong itself. The cable car is really sturdy so doesn't wobble, we stood up in ours as well as sitting down and felt safe and sound, it was so beautiful and inspiring!

When we got to the Ngong Ping Village we were greeted with plush green views and could spot the giant Buddha and stunning Buddhist Po Lin Monastery as soon as we got off the cable car. We took the steps up to the Tian Tan Buddha and explored the area, it was so majestic and even bigger than we anticipated, the bronze statue is the major centre for Buddhism in Hong Kong so it was a really touching experience. We then explored the rest of the village, we visited the monasteries which were so beautifully designed, and spent time in the incense gardens where there were wishing wells, monks, and worshippers. It was unbelievably peaceful and relaxing, just being at Ngong Ping gave us a real harmonious vibe, it was a time for reflection and learning - it was awesome!

There are lots of eateries so we stopped for a bite to eat to refuel before our trip down the mountain in the cable car, we also did a little souvenir shopping where we bought some gifts and traditional pieces to bring back with us. The trip back down was just as inspiring and beautiful, with views for miles and a contrast between the ultra modern and older more traditional way of life, it was incredibly insightful, we took lots of photos to document our amazing day at Ngong Ping 360 so take a look below - this was one of our best experiences, if you are ever in Hong Kong you must make time to go to Lantau Island and take the cable car, it's literally jaw droppingly good!

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