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Monday, 5 June 2017

The Monday Piece - Byron Bay

This week's Monday Piece is on Byron Bay! Last weekend we went to Byron Bay for the day, i'd heard so much about it so my expectations were pretty high and i couldn't wait to mooch around and check out the Byron vibe. We hopped off the coach and headed straight for the lighthouse, the most easterly point in Australia - there are a few different walks you can do to get to the lighthouse, Nick decided we'd do the rainforest walk...even though i was wearing studded Kurt Geiger boots - but i embraced it - it's definitely not the kind of walk i'd do again in boots, i definitely needed trainers as it was really sandy plus there were hundreds of giant steps and rocks to clamber over...but we eventually got there and headed to the top to admire the ocean views and dolphins swimming in the sea! It is so beautiful and the air is fresh and crisp, i definitely recommend the rainforest walk too! We then walked the (easier) beach walk back, and found a lunch spot in town - Main Street Burger Bar, where we ate huge a vegan burgers and fries, so tasty.

I was adamant on checking out the famous Byron boutiques, especially SPELL as it's world famous and i've always lusted after their boho designs, it's been moved out of the centre of Byron so it took us a little while to get there - it's now in a larger boutique that is super bright, white and airy, i thought i'd be totally spoiled for choice but sadly that wasn't the case. There was lots of underwear and bridal underwear, plus a few printed raglan sleeved tops, and some 'beachy' type dresses...but that was it, there wasn't anything ultra feminine, vintage style or boho that they're famous for and it was very overpriced. So sadly i left empty handed (i'll be keeping an eye on their website) but i was pleased i had the chance to check it out, to be honest the centre of Byron is full of amazing individual boutiques, SPELL was easy to forget as i was surrounded by stunning boutiques full of the most awesome Aussie brands and vintage rock n roll styles.

The golden beaches and bright blue waters are ideal if you want to hang out by the water, sunbathe and surf, the lifestyle is ultra laid back and people just love life. It's almost like going back in time as people aren't stuck to their phones or iPads, they're chatty and happy to watch the world go by - most people walk the streets with no shoes on! Byron Bay is a must visit if you ever travel Australia, it's full of beautiful scenery and people!

*Byron Bay Boutiques i recommend - Blush & Bloo, Cinecitta, Arnhem Clothing, Hope & May*


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