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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Springbrook National Park and Tamborine Mountain

Yesterday we spent the day exploring Springbrook National Park, Mount Tamborine and the Hinterland of the Gold Coast with a friend from work. We'd been wanting to go for ages but you can't get there by public transport so we were chuffed that a friend could take us to show us all of the best spots! You can get to the national parks within about 45 minutes from the middle of the city of the Gold Coast so if you have a car it's easily accessible and an amazing place to go and visit. The scenery is so beautiful and peaceful, the Springbrook rainforest is full of animals and luscious vegetation and smells so fresh and clean, i love all of the exotic rainforest sounds too - we took the easy walking trail which takes between 30-45 minutes and leads you to the caves and waterfall. We spent some time there soaking up the rainforest vibes and enjoying the atmosphere before we headed to Mount Tamborine to explore the rock pools, waterfalls and mountain area. There are lots of different trails and hikes to choose from so we walked to the natural freshwater swimming areas - you can climb over the rocks and explore the hidden areas too which was amazing. After we grabbed a peppermint tea and went to watch the sunset and hand-gliders on the mountain over the Gold Coast, the sky was so golden and magical. It was definitely one of our top places we've visited so far whilst living on the Gold Coast so i very much recommend it, it's such a treat to enjoy the natural environment and get to know the real Australia!


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  1. Oh my gosh. Every picture is like a postcard. What an incredible place...with so many stunning views!


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