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Monday, 21 August 2017

The Monday Piece - Melbourne Photo Diary

This week's Monday Piece is on Melbourne Photo Diary! Nick and I just got back from a long weekend in Melbourne, we were so excited to explore the beautiful city and discover all of the culture and history we had heard so much about. Here are some photos from the trip i took with my phone whilst we were out and about - the city is so beautiful and full of interesting architecture (something we don't get so much of on the Gold Coast), we hopped on and off the free inner city tram as this is the vest way to get around the city, visiting all of the tourist hot spots and places of interest. 

Some of my top picks include Melbourne Library - a place where you can pick up a book, sit down or study under a huge dome roof, lit with little green lanterns it was mesmerising and so peaceful! The old Melbourne Gaol was fascinating too, the old jail of the city that held the most notorious of Australia's inmates, it was mega spooky but of course so interesting to see the old building and how the inmates were kept and punished. The Shrine of Remembrance is also a must see, built in 1934, the Shrine is the Victorian state memorial to Australians who have served in war and peacekeeping operations throughout the nation’s history - filled with an abundance of artefacts and history, plus breathtaking vistas of Melbourne from the Balcony, it is a touching place to pay your respects as well as taking in the best views of the city. On our last day we escaped the hustle and bustle of the city to spend some time shopping and checking out the eateries that St. Kilda has to offer, plus hanging out at the beach and walking over the boardwalk. Only 6km from the city, the very European feeling cafe society was a result of the influx of cosmopolitan European migrants in the 1950's - it has such a great 'vibe' and is known as Melbourne's beachside playground, a real must do whilst visiting the city.

We had such a great few days in Melbourne, whether your looking for a cultured Australian break, fun at the beach, or a look back in time at the history of the city, there is something for everyone - mixed with a whole host of boutique shopping, places to dine out and great people to meet, Melbourne is the place to be seen.


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