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Monday, 11 September 2017

The Monday Piece - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Snapshot

This week's Monday Piece is on Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary snapshot! Yesterday we spend the day at the sanctuary visiting all of the locally rescued animals, i wanted to share these pictures of the cutest little koala bears relaxing in their eucalyptus trees. I'm not a big fan of zoo's, especially when animals are bred in captivity, but the local sanctuary in Currumbin is a non profit organisation and rescues and treats animals that have been hurt or that are in danger. It's so sad but road accidents involving koalas and kangaroos are common in Australia, so it's great that places like this exist to get the animals back to full health - those that make a full recovery get released back into the wild, but unfortunately others aren't strong enough - it's all good though as they live a very pampered life at the sanctuary and get majorly fussed over, how cute is this little guy! The talks are really informative and there are so many breeds of different native species including wallabies, reptiles, and Tasmanian devils, definitely head on over if you are ever in the Gold Coast.

*Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, here*


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