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Monday, 15 January 2018

The Monday Piece- Phillip Island Snapshot

This week's Monday Piece is on Phillip Island snapshot! Last weekend Nick and I took a trip out of the city and headed to Phillip Island to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh open air. The island is fairly small and has a little town as it's hub, where you can shop, eat out, and enjoy the beach. The island plays host to the world's smallest penguins as their burrows are nestled into the sand dunes off the beaches, at sunset we waited for their anticipated arrival as they hopped out of the ocean and waddled up to the dunes to feed their chicks. We were only a few feet away from them as they quietly played and enjoyed the safety of the darkness out of sight of unwanted predators. There's a huge conservation programme surrounding the penguins, and you can only view them within a secluded area not accessible unless you enter through a ticketed entrance. It was such a magical experience, any photography is strictly prohibited so we stuck to the rules and let the penguins do their thing, i've added a few snaps below of the beautiful island and the rugged sea line!


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