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Monday, 12 February 2018

The Monday Piece - Grampians National Park

This week's Monday Piece is on Grampians National Park! Last weekend we took a trip out of the city to The Grampians where we hiked and enjoyed the incredibly beautiful scenery around us - if you've not heard of Grampians National Park i'll cover it in a nutshell. The region has been home to the Indigenous people for 20,000 years, known to them as Gariwerd, and contains the largest concentration of rock art paintings and assemblage of Aboriginal art motifs in Victoria. An inspirational landscape world famous for beautiful landscapes of rugged sandstone escarpments, high rocky plateaus and sheltered gullies, The Grampians have inspired works by Australian writers, poets, photographers and painters, it's no surprise as it's possibly the most stunning natural landscape we've seen during our time in Australia. This unique landscape also supports an abundant array of fauna and flora, supporting high levels of biodiversity - we had an awesome tour guide who taught us about the uniqueness and variety The Grampians has to offer as many species of native plants are only found in the park. I definitely recommend tagging along on a tour as it's fairly easy to wander off the track into the bush... As the majority of the western Victoria plains have been cleared for agriculture, the remainder of protected bushland in the Grampians National Park has become a refuge for native plants and animals - we were stunned by the vivid greenery and vast rocky landscape, we also visited the MacKenzie Falls waterfalls as it's one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria, definitely a sight not to be missed!


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