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Sunday, 25 February 2018

The New Generation Office Dress Code

Dressing for work: how to modernise your workwear

Take a look around you the next time you’re at your desk: what are people wearing for work? Chances are, there are only a few wearing stereotypical ‘office clothing’. Now, workwear has transformed! It seems so strange to think that, once, the workplace dress code was all about power dressing — think formal suits, smart blouses and an almost exclusively monochrome colour palette.
So, why the big change? Could it be because we’re socialising more after work and need a good outfit to take us from office to bar? Possibly, but this isn’t without its difficulties. Go too casual and you risk an awkward chat with your manager about appropriateness, while a formal outfit may look like you’re over-dressing to your colleagues.
Want in on the trend? Check out our 2018 office dress code style guide for advice…

Incorporate denim

Wearing jeans to work?! It happens. Although, perhaps stay away from cut and frayed options… Opt for plain, rip-free denim in a darker wash to give a more formal vibe, then pair your jeans with a smart-casual shirt, formal flats and a chic blazer. Of course, if your company has a strict dress code, you may not be able to wear jeans at all, so check before your start date!

Spruce up your trouser options

A strong trouser outfit can really make you feel prepared for a big day at work. Wear tapered trousers to enhance your figure and wear them with flats or heels. Of course, there are also frill-hem trousers and culottes to consider — as long as you think they’re not too risqué. Perhaps stay clear of bolder prints and colours and stick to classic checks and stripes, to be safe.  
When it comes to your top, this is where you can get creative. For a formal look, wear a smart blouse or an embroidered shirt, and when you fancy going more casual, pull on a loose-fitting plain t-shirt and slouchy cardigan.

Sample new shoes for work

Your footwear also offers you a world of possibilities in the workplace. Over-the-knee boots teamed with a jumper dress and tights is an on trend look for 2018. Then again, heeled boots are also a great option when you want that extra height, while flat boots can also work for walking about the office.
Loafers are chic and stylish — perfect to wear with trousers, dresses and jeans. You’ll definitely need black loafers and it’s wise to invest in a nude pair, too.
When it comes to heels, be careful about height. A high stiletto heel might cause you hours of pain in the office — not ideal when you have a long shift ahead! But that doesn’t mean you have to wear kitten heels; mid-heeled, closed-toe shoes are the perfect choice. Strappy sandals are also good — especially when teamed with wide-leg trousers for a chic daytime look.

Revamp your work-ready dresses

From party dresses to maxi dresses, there are lots of styles you can don for a day at the office. However, is there such a thing as ‘too far’?
Possibly… So, if you’re deliberating whether it’s too low-cut or the hemline is too short, it’s best to err on the side of caution and leave it at home. Alternatively, why not choose a simple and chic midi dress in a plain style or subtle print? These dresses look great at any time of year and you can dress them up with high heels and jewellery, or down with tights and ankle boots, depending on your working environment.
Of course, there’s also the risk that you’ll be too casual, as well as too dressy with dresses. Would a jumper dress work well at your workplace? This is a top style for the colder months, while belted shirt dresses are ideal for spring and summer — plus, their collars will naturally make your feel smarter and more office-ready! Pair with cute pumps and jewellery.
Don’t be afraid to revamp your 2018 workwear wardrobe — just keep our tips in mind!


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  1. I think one big factor on why corporate dressing has changed drastically is because the creative industries are "booming" and they encourage their employees to practice self-expression through fashion. But I agree that it's always important to keep it pro. :)

    Style Reader


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