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Monday, 28 May 2018

The Monday Piece - Mr. Farmer Harajuku

This week's Monday Piece is on Mr. Farmer Harajuku! In comparison to Australia and the UK it's a little more tricky trying to find restaurants that cater to dietary requirements, whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or coeliac, and with a fairly large language barrier if you don't speak Japanese it can be tough! But there are options out there and with patience and determination (or Trip Advisor) you'll be eating delicious allergen free food in no time. I'd seen a few reviews of Mr. Farmer, an organic restaurant specialising in fresh vegetables, online and I'm often in Harajuku shopping and people watching so I took Nick there for lunch to check it out - they have lots of vegan options and also tasty gluten free options too so we were spoiled for choice on what to have. I had a huge gluten free salad bowl full of veggies, meat and fish which was so delicious and fresh, and Nick had a vegan burger with parsnip crisps. It's not as cheap as the local Japanese food but prices are around £7.00-£12.00 per dish, it's definitely worth it though as the food is so tasty and fresh, also the interior is light and green with a Japanese twist!


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