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Monday, 9 July 2018

The Monday Piece - My Top Shopping Area in Tokyo

This weeks Monday Piece is on my top shopping area in Tokyo! It's no surprise that there is an absolute plethora of places to shop in Tokyo, whether it's for budget, high street, vintage or boutique fashion there is every thing everywhere, so it can be a little overwhelming when coming to the city to pick maybe just one place to shop - after all, there is so much to see and do in Tokyo you'll want to do more than just shop. BUT, after spending many man hours hunting down shops, department stores and tucked away side streets (you can thank me later), I have a firm top spot...Harajuku. World famous for its quirky fashion, Harajuku Girls and neon bright lights, Harajuku has it all - from the famous Takeshita Street where you can pick up budget items, cute fashion pieces, Lolita clothing and everything in between, to the back streets filled with limited edition sneaker stores and vintage fashion, it's a one stop shop for every thing you could ever desire! And there are heaps of delicious eateries too, the must try Harajuku food is crepes and they are seriously tasty!


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