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Monday, 17 September 2018

The Monday Piece - Vegan Gluten Free Ramen Tokyo

This week's Monday Piece is on vegan gluten free ramen! Tokyo is a hub full of ramen shops, on every street you'll find some form of delicious ramen, but if you have allergies it's not so simple... BUT, Soranoiro have a few ramen shops in Tokyo that offer vegan and gluten free options which is nothing short of a noodle miracle. The staff are super helpful with allergies and the ramen is extremely tasty, fresh and also healthy which is always a bonus! I usually have the vegan ramen full of fresh veggies, with brown rice noodles that are thick, chewy, and amazing - they put the most delicious spicy sauce on the side too which gives you a bit of heat which I love, they have a few different vegan options so make sure you try them all! They also have meat options too! Nick and I go to the Tokyo Ramen Street branch located at Tokyo train station, so it's easy to find and travel to. Click here for more info on their other stores and full menu :).


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  1. I'm suffer from coeliac disease so I'm a sucker for new gluten free ideas. This looks yummy :)

    Erin O'Hara | Oh Erin!


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