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Monday, 10 December 2018

The Monday Piece - Getting Engaged in Tokyo

This week's Monday Piece is on getting engaged in Tokyo! I won't go into TOO much detail as it'll probably make you feel a little grim... So it's just a brief overview!

I celebrated a pretty big birthday on November 24th (30 ahem) and it was an awesomely epic day to be fair as my sister came over from the UK so I got to spend it with her and Nick. We took a trip to Enoshima and Kamakura as it's by the sea, beautiful and fresh. We did lots of exploring, popped to a delicious vegan spot by the beach and visited the big Buddha! In the evening Nick said he had a surprise for Georgia and I, so we followed him on a trip to Roppongi... He then took us to the Mori Art Building, and up to the top floor onto the roof overlooking the whole of Tokyo. We strolled around and took in the amazing atmosphere and of course took a few snaps of the most amazing view I've ever seen. Next thing Nick gets me up on a mini podium thing and asked my sister to take a photo... There was a romantic Disney song playing in the background and I was so excited to just be there with two people I adore (SO CRINGE BUT I LOVE IT)! Nick kept trying to get my attention but oviouslyyy I was too busy trying to pose for the photo, standard, next thing he started what I then realised was 'the speech'... His hands were shaking and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was all very exciting and of course I accepted so it's official, bridezilla has been unleashed. It's coming up to our four year anniversary, we've lived together almost all of that time across three continents, so it felt extra special and kinda magical too in Tokyo with my sister there with us... More to follow I guess.


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