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Monday, 7 January 2019

The Monday Piece - Gluten Free Pancake Cafe Sapporo

This week's Monday Piece is on gluten free pancake cafe Sapporo! Nick and I had a very beautiful snowy stay in Sapporo at the end of last year just after Christmas - we were desperate to get out of Tokyo and explore more of the country we live in. Though trying to find eateries to cater for our diets is not easy, especially outside Tokyo, BUT Google is a wonderful thing and I managed to track down a gluten free pancake cafe, Hidden Ave. Cakes! It wasn't too far from our hotel so we hopped on the train and walked in the heavy snow to the pancake kingdom, where we were greeted with the fluffiest, softest, lightest pancakes everrr. The menu is tiny, I think there were maybe only four options as well as coffee but it's good for me as it takes me less time to order when I'm not overwhelmed with choices. I 100% recommend it, find the website right here if you're ever in Sapporo.


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