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Monday, 18 February 2019

The Monday Piece - Traditional Japanese Valentine's Gift, Kokeshi Dolls

This week's Monday Piece is on traditional Japanese Valentine's gift, Kokeshi dolls! Although the Japanese stay incredibly close to their own culture and customs, many western celebrations are enjoyed here with a Japanese twist. Valentine's Day is a day where women in Japan buy chocolate for male friends, colleagues, lovers and relatives, while the girls receive... nothing (though on the 14th March known as 'White Day's girls are celebrated and receive gifts). This year many women went on 'strike' in the form of refusing to conform to this slightly unusual tradition, I say good for them. Aside from chocolates, another more traditional Valentine's/White Day gift is a Kokeshi Doll - originally these beautiful dolls were made by farmers in rural areas to gift to their children as dolls, and come in many shapes and sizes. Nick surprised me with this beauty on Valentine's Day so I wanted to share her with you, I am actually obsessed with her and love her vibe! I'd not heard of them before so it was so interesting to learn about the tradition :).


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