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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Monday Piece - My hair and tips for hair growth

I get asked quite a bit about my hair so thought I'd do a post for it! The majority of women in my family have long, dark hair, and it tends to grow quite quickly which is good. I love having long hair and rarely get it cut or dye it - I generally try to avoid hairdressers at all costs!
In terms of products, I use only a few as I don't like the the thought of loads of chemicals on my hair.
This range of shampoo and conditioner is amazing, it's really natural, leaves my hair so smooth, and strengthens it too so it's less prone to breakage. It's part of the Herbalife range which specialises in natural body and beauty products. I use my Enrapture styler to curl and style my hair, it easily lasts 2 days and is much more non damaging than other stylers.

Here's a list of my hair 'rules' (these work for me but I'm not an expert!)

1. Never brush hair when wet, use a wide toothed comb
2. Don't use hair spray as it snaps your hair
3. Use macademia oil when wet to smooth and soften the hair
4. Don't over use heat - straighteners/dryers/curlers
5. Use a non damaging bobble and clip to put hair up
6. Wash hair every other day
7. Shampoo twice then use lots of conditioner and leave on for 5 minutes
8. Brush hair every morning and night with a paddle brush
9. Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, VO5 is a great cheap alternative available everywhere
10. Try not to touch/play with hair too much

If your having trouble growing hair then multivitamins are also quite good, and don't cut it - hairdressers say having a trim will make the hair grow faster and thicker...I don't believe this and has never worked for me! But I'd definitely say the less products the better and try to keep them natural.

I hope my little tips help you, they're quite simple but really work for me, long live long hair!



  1. This is a really helpful post....thanks!

    - Tabitha at x

  2. great post!x

  3. Your hair looks great. I keep hearing so many good things about macadamia products I really need to try them out xo

  4. I have a lot of problems with my hair so I hope this help thank you for sharing.

  5. Im going to try these tips ! I really want to grow my hair so badly !! Thanks for the lovely tips xx

  6. Oh thanks for your tips! :D I have very very long hairs and I liked them! Kisses!

  7. Such gorgeous hair! Great tips, definitely going to try the strengthening shampoo and conditioner!xx

  8. Your hair is so beautiful! I haven't had super long hair like yours since I was 13 but I'm almost there and treat my hair similarily so this gives me hope.

  9. Great tips, you have a beautiful hair! :) xx

  10. lovely tips, you have gorgeous hair Heidi! I've been using the Herbalife conditioner and Macadamia oil on my hair and noticed a massive improvement in my hair's condition ever since :) xx

  11. your hair is beautiful, I'll be taking some of your advice! x

  12. Good tips I love your hair!.
    I wish my hair was as long and healthy looking.
    I always use macadamia products on my hair there all amazing!

  13. I LOVE my macadamia hair products.

  14. WOW! Now I know why your hair gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


  15. I love Macadamia oil, such a life saver:) x

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  16. Great tips! Your hair looks stunning indeed - so beautiful!

    Great blog as well; following you new on GFC.

    Have a nice Tuesday, xoxo

    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

  17. fantastico !!! Ti va di seguirmi? ricambierò. Kiss

  18. you have wonderful hair. I wish my hair would grow as long as yours!

  19. Thanks so much for this post and excellent advice, I love hearing tips from other bloggers and your hair is always beautifully glossy and healthy.

  20. You are stunning and your hair is beautiful. Thanks for the tips!

    Amy x

  21. I have major hair envy misses! Your hair is what I long for mine to look like, I do use the same products as you but maybe use too much hairspray xx

  22. Your hair is gorgeous! I've had short hair for a couple of years now and get so jealous when I see girls with luscious long locks! Have decided to grow mine out again but it will be a few years before it reaches my ideal length


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