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Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer hair tips

Today is a hair post, and how to keep your hair in good condition during the warmer and humid weather. Obviously I have fairly long natural hair, and it's not that easy to maintain, so here are my tips to maintain healthy hair, and growth tips too!

- Keep hair fresh and clean by washing every other day, if it gets a little greasy in between washes use a dry shampoo on the roots
- I shampoo twice, and then leave conditioner on for a few minutes whilst showering, i use the VO5 Nourish Me Truly range as it keeps my hair moisturised and frizz free, the humidity at this time of year can result in crazy massive hair but this is something i try to avoid!
- I do blow dry but try not to use heated hair tools too often, my hair is finer at the ends due to the length so try not to over frazzle it!
- Serums and oils are great to use when hair is slightly damp, a little goes a long way as it's good for smoothing flyaways and keeping the finish sleek. Headmasters serums and Macademia oils are really good
- Hair growth is individual and not everyone's hair grows as much as others, but limiting heat and keeping hair in good condition helps growth. I cut my own hair with normal scissors, and snip the very ends of every 2 months or so - but going to a hairdresser is more adviseable! Try not to over style hair, i tend to stay away from sticky products, and hairspray too
- If your natural hair doesn't grow as quick as you would like it too, you can always experiment with a great selection of human hair wigs and hair extensions, long luscious locks are available to everyone!
- Wigs and extensions are also good if you want a temporary change from your normal style or colour, you can shop different styles online at at Pauls Hair World - i love the idea of trying something instead of a permanent drastic change!

Do you have any tips for keeping hair sleek in Summer?

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  1. You have such yummy Rapunzel hair! ;) <3

    Tara x

  2. i love your style is cute :)

  3. So jealous of your hair, it always looks so healthy!

  4. Your hair is so fabulous. I have grown mine nearly that long before but it always goes so fine and straggly at the ends that I give up! Haven't used any bleach on mine for 8 months now though, and it's in a lot better condition so hopefully I'll have more luck!


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