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Friday, 27 September 2013

Boutique Princess printed dress

This is meant to be a midi dress but unfortunately it didn't look right on my short arse legs so I’ve been naughty and hitched it up to a mini! I remember the days of rolling the top of my school skirt over as a teenager, trying do it in secret but always getting caught out by my Mum - however many years later and I’m still doing the same! If I was a few inches taller I’d be loving the longer style, it's fitted though so can be hitched up easily and stays in place. It's from Boutique Princess, the material is thick and soft, and I love the patchy animal print. I was so excited when I found these asymmetric heels in Primark, they're super similar to the Zara versions that have been re-released a gazillion times - I wore them last week to an event, and they are truly painful to walk in and tore the backs of my feet to shreds, buuut they look nice so I’ll continue wearing them and hope they get better and more comfortable. I went to a film preview last night at Merry Hill and took my little brother as my chaperone - we watched Runner Runner, it's all about gambling and features Ben Affleck and Justin Trousersnake Timberlake, I won't ruin it for you if you're planning on watching it, but we enjoyed it!
I hope you like my little dress :).

*c/o Boutique Princess dress, here*
*Minusey biker jacket*
*Primark shoes*
*Bracelet, gift*



  1. Love this! That jacket is amazing!

  2. Stunning dress! Love those heels, wouldn't have thought they were good old Primache!!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  3. This dress is gorgeous...the shorter the better ha. I love the heels you have paired it with too x

  4. What a cute mix of prints! I don't like midi dresses but this is a great length.

    Tara xo

  5. Absolutely gorgeous dress - looks perf on you Heidi :) I don't think midi dresses are great on my frame either - fab idea making it into a mini!
    Those shoes look amazing from Primarni!!!

  6. Lovely dress! Would you like to follow each other? xx

  7. This dress looks great as a mini and I love the leather jacket :) xx


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