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Friday, 27 December 2013

SportsShoes Fashionably Fit Campaign

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I was recently asked to take part in Fashionably Fit campaign - at this time of year lots of people are thinking of the new year and things they can do to improve their fitness. The campaign was launched after Katherine Jenkins was criticised for running the London Marathon whilst wearing make up and jewellery - i've played lots of sports and have always been interested in fitness, I've mentioned before that my Mum is a fitness instructor, triathlete and marathon runner, fitness is in the family - so I've played lots of sports like rugby, football, swimming and cheerleading. I like to look my best, and I don't think there is anything wrong with taking pride in your appearance, if I'm off to the gym, for a run, or to play a team sport I still like to make an effort - I wear make up every day, only a bit but still everyday, and I like my gym kit to look smart and sassy - because why not? It's absolutely not fair for anyone to criticise someone's appearance, it's all about personal choice and preference. I popped out for a run and to take these photos, my boyfriend asked why I didn't tie my hair up as it was windy, the answer was simple - it looks better down!

SportsShoes have a great selection of footwear and gym kit, including a whole plethora of Nike which I love. The quality is always fantastic, plus during and after a workout the fabric holds its shape and washes well so it really lasts. I chose the Nike Epic hyper warm dry fit running tights as I knew they'd be extra warm, the stretch fabric means they're tight and easy to run in plus they're sweat wicking and breathable - I love the little details that Nike think about, there's a hidden pocket inside the waistband (which is just the right size for an iPod/phone or lip balm...) and a zippy back pocket too, plus the hidden tightening strings are neon! The Nike Pro hyperwarm hooded top has thermal insulation and has a very fine layer of fleece so it feels amazing on. Like the running tights it was so comfortable and easy to wear and the stretch fabric means you get a huge range of movement, also the little thumb holes are fab for keeping hands warm if you choose not to wear gloves!
SportsShoes understand that getting motivated to keep fit and active can be difficult, especially when the rain is pouring and it's mega cold outside, however some smart and cute gym kit can make all the difference and help to spur you on, it definitely does with me :).

*c/o SportsShoes Nike running gear, here*



  1. I think all of that looks super comfy but also really stylish too :) I would happily wear something like that if heading out for a run.
    I think getting fitter is one of my new year resolutions, I'm not over weight or anything at all but I would like to just be physically fitter, plus it helps you sleep better :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Wow, someone was criticized for wearing makeup? That is insane! Whatever makes YOU feel good is the most important thing. You look great and it's wonderful that you are focusing on fitness! :)

  3. You really look so natural with your sporty outfit!

  4. Now I know what those thumb holes are for!

    Well done for making sports gear look natural, and not looking like you're about to compete in the Olympics!

    Nick | N.E. Boy


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