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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Jacamo Christmas Campaign

Men's fashion website Jacamo have recently launched their mega cool Christmas campaign! Featuring lots of different looks and styles, they are focusing on an outfit suitable to wear to meet the parents. During the festivities it's usually prime time to meet members of the extended family and spend that all important quality time together, plus meeting and greeting your other halves families too! We all know this can be a scary, nervy time, and although there really is nothing to worry about, Jacamo can offer a few tips to make it a smooth and pleasant experience - by dressing to impress you're already showing you can present yourself in a sharp, decent manner. Jeans and a casual shirt can look trendy as well as smart if you're just popping over for a chilled bite to eat, alternatively if you're heading to a posh family party or dinner then dressing the part is important to make that all consuming first impression!

Dishing out compliments and niceness is always a winner when you first meet the in laws, a charm offensive is usually my first port of call - this is often easier with the ladies, but a little more tricky when it comes to winning over the Dad. By asking lots of questions, engaging in conversation, and listening when required, are all important factors, and of course avoiding any sticky or awkward subjects will make things flow very nicely. As well as these tips there are a few more obvious things you can do to make yourself look a little more sensible and straight edged than you probably are - try not to drink too much with dinner, table manners are a must, and watch the PDA's too as things could get a little cringe!
Check out the full Jacamo blog post featuring tips for meeting the parents here, they also have a fun video to watch about understanding men's dress code's here.


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