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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Leather Want List

It's always leather weather...whether it's a leather jacket, trousers, accessories or shoes i LOVE leather! I've been wearing my current leather jacket for almost 4 years...which is quite a long time lets face it, i wear it constantly, it's never been washed, it probably smells a bit, buuut i love it and it's moulded to my body - however this hasn't stopped me looking for an upgrade, so i can rest my other leather in between wears...this H&M style (second left) is a bargain as well as a beauty, it's sold out online so i'm trying to source it in store, but if i'm going to invest then it's more than likely i'll head to The Kooples as their leathers are a sensation, especially this one - also All Saints jackets are equally as alluring! I also love a jazzy leather trew, the River Island leggings are a great high street alternative to more expensive, real leather styles - plus the zipper biker trousers from Zara have been a mega hit with bloggers and celebs, but i tried them on last weekend and couldn't fit my butt into them so there's that story over...I was devastated. Maybe i could fit my size 4's into the Topshop open toe booties? Do you love a leather style?
Leather Weather

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  1. You look great in leather! I love the leggings with leather trim :) xo


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