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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Travel With The Visa To Home Service

VisaToHome have a revolutionary way of arranging travel - sorting out a Visa an be a little tricky, especially for first time travellers! Now Brits can arrange visas for foreign travel from the comfort of their homes. Russian project VisaToHome – which launched the first service in the world for arranging visas without even leaving your own home – has begun offering the same service in the UK
Arranging a visa is an extremely complicated task. Visas for the same country can have different prices, different visa rules and different document requirements, depending on the applicant's nationality. People who live in Britain value time savings and excellent service standards – the same priorities by which VisaToHome run their company.
Their on-line service has been widely recommended in Russia, where it launched at the end of 2013. All users need to do to get a visa when using the VisaToHome service is visit the company's website, choose the country they need, answer a few questions, receive a list of the necessary documents, and then upload photos of the documents to the site. Visa specialists check the documents and fill out the application forms. A DHL courier will then arrive at a time of applicant's choice to collect the originals of the documents, and bring a passport back with a brand new visa. Nothing could be easier! It saves a load of time, hassle and stress and makes arranging your holiday that bit easier.

For countries whose applications require the collection of biometric data – such as Russia – VisaToHome offers a mobile biometric data service. If you are either unable or unwilling to attend the Visa Centre, you can arrange for the mobile biometric data service to visit you at any convenient address for you. You can hand all your documents to the staffer who takes your biometric data – and then your passport and visa will be returned to you on completion.

VisaToHome services are available for the following countries – Russia, China, the USA, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India and the Schengen countries – for people who aren't UK nationals, but live in Great Britain. Click here to head over to the website and check it out!


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  1. This is kind of genius, it takes all the stress out of it & I know how stressful it can be!

    T xx


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