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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Feeling Your Best For Summer

We are finally having some decent weather over here in the UK, so we're all excited to show some skin and get out and about! As Summer gets closer and holidays are booked, i'm always keen to feel and look my best - when i'm fit and feeling good i feel my best and have more confidence so i like to maintain my healthy lifestyle throughout the year. As i've mentioned before i go to the gym regularly, swim, and do lots of walking and general moving about, but sometimes i feel like i need a bit more of a push to go that extra mile and get me looking my best. There are so many gadgets that i've got my eye on to help me with my fitness and health goals, the new Fitbit smart watch looks so sleek and flashy, i love it, and the bright colour would look great with my sleek gym kit!

I also have my eye on some kitchen gadgets too, i would love a gluten free bread maker as it tastes so much fresher when it's home baked, plus gluten free breads in the supermarket are pretty grim so i rarely buy them, i think i need to invest! I often get bloated and so many foods effect me, it's mega frustrating as i'm coeliac and have to be so strict with what and where i eat, but even non glutinous foods can upset the balance meaning a constant trial and error situation with foods - making a huge difference with my general well being and confidence.

Slimming Solutions have a huge range of products and ideas to help you along your fitness/weight loss/confidence journey, including waist trainers designed to streamline your silhouette meaning you can look and feel more confident every day. They have different designs to help you with various parts of your middle, including high compression workout waist trainers designed to smooth and shape your body whilst you work, improve posture, elongate the midsection, provide back support and aid weight loss and postnatal recovery. Their reviews are amazing too with users claiming to have lost inches off their waist in just a few weeks!
Check out my full want list below of all things health and fitness i'd like to get my paws on :).
Fit For Summer

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