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Monday, 18 July 2016

The Monday Piece - Transformulas Marine Miracle Cream Review

This week's Monday Piece is on Transformulas Marine Miracle Cream Review! I could not wait to give this miracle cream a go when it was popped through my letterbox a few weeks ago, i'm always looking for a decent all round moisturiser to protect as well as prime my skin, and had heard good things about Transformulas and their celebrity clientele so my expectations were quite high. The Transformulas philosophy is 'beauty without surgery' and the Marine Miracle cream claims to flood the skin with rejuvenating nutrients and works to help relax the dermal layer, resulting in less movement and fewer expression lines - so i was interested to see how it performed on my skin with regular use.

From your mid twenties onwards your skin begins to lose its even tone and smooth texture. Its support structure collapses and wrinkles gradually appear. Reduced blood flow means that cells arenʼt nourished properly and toxins build up. This process happens to us all but is heavily influenced by environmental factors like sun damage, poor diet, stress and a lack of skin care - i'm a non smoker, i regularly exercise, eat well and don't drink, but still my skin isn't that great and was in definite need of assistance as my complexion was dull, lack lustre and prone to an occasional breakout, plus with lines creeping in around my eyes i wanted it to be tighter and firmer!

Transformulas Marine Miracle has massively improved my skin in even just a few weeks of using the cream - it's smoother, fresher, tighter and i've been having less breakouts too - plus my complexion is so much brighter and clearer, it's giving me extra confidence and i feel i can now go foundation free if i fancy as it's evened out my skin tone beautifully. I love the consistency as it's a thick cream but is so light when applied, it doesn't clog pores and feels like an ultra-light non greasy moisturiser. Plus it's great under make up as it is so smoothing, meaning an easier application and flawless finish. With ingredients including giant sea kelp, algae, sea salt and lysedine, this cream really does work and is now a permanent element of my skincare routine, i 100% recommend! Also now desperate to try the Transformulas lip plumping lip gloss which looks amaaazing as do all of the Transformulas products!

*c/o Transformulas Marine Miracle cream, here*


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