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Monday, 30 January 2017

The Monday Piece - Transformulas Hydration Gold Review

This week's Monday Piece is on Transformulas Hydration Gold Review! It's no secret that i'm a massive Transformulas fan and love their Marine Miracle Cream so I couldn't wait to give their Hydration Gold a try. The Transformulas motto is 'Beauty without surgery', they pack their beauty products full of the latest ingredients designed to give the best possible results with anti-ageing technology. The pump bottle dispenses the small amount needed, i've been using it as a normal moisturiser and apply it using my fingertips and upward motions - it creates a beautiful sheer veil with tiny gold flecks that reflect the light instantly brightening and tightening my face.

The 23 carat pure gold combined with Hyaluronic acid brings the anti ageing benefits to the forefront. The benefits of the 23 carat gold powder allows optimising visual effects that Hyaluronic Acid hydration brings to the skin, creating a sheer veil of radiance that can be lost with age, stress and general build up on the skin. Hyaluronic Acid prevents the access of toxic substances giving the skin a turgid and well hydrated appearance, with the passing years the concentration of Hyaluronic acid contained in the dermis has the tendency to reduce resulting in a lacklustre, less tight, dull complexion.

This cosmetic treatment with Hyaluronic acid resolves aesthetical problems of skin ageing thanks to its hydrating, softening, protective and regenerative properties - it leaves my skin feeling tight, but incredibly light and soft, with a glowing look to it too. It's ideal under my make up as a base as my make up applies so much easier and smoother, it can be used as a gentle highlighter too so I am absolutely loving it due to the amazing results! Have you tried Transformulas?

*c/o Transformulas Hydration Gold, here*


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