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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Baxters Souper Swap Challenge

I love a food challenge, especially during winter when it's freezing cold outside and I need some comfort food. I've been taking part in the Baxters Souper Swap Challenge, swapping in a nutritious can of soup from Baxters for my usual standard lunch - my usual lunch at work varies between gluten free salads, bento boxes, and chicken mixed with rice - so I was definitely ready to swap in some soup to add lots of flavour and warmth to my day.

I was sent a full selection of Baxters soups including vegetarian options like Green Lentil and Tomato and Garden Pea and Mint - the vegetarian range is a selection of delicious and nutritious contemporary vegetable soup recipes, they are made with a huge selection of vegetables most including 2-3 portions of your recommended 5 a day. I find they are an ideal and incredibly convenient way to add nutrients and vegetables to your diet that are high in fibre, vitamins and goodness, plus whilst eating them I forgot how nutritious they are because they are just so tasty!

I have a big appetite and am always munching on something, so the range of Baxters Hearty Soups definitely appealed to my hungry tummy - stuffed full of hearty, filling ingredients like chunky vegetables, chicken, bacon, beans and pulses there is definitely something for everyone whether it's Tuscan Style Bean, Bacon and Pecorino or classic Country Vegetable. At lunch time I need something that is going to satisfy my hunger and cravings, I found that these soups did exactly that and I really found myself looking forward to settling down with a big bowl of warm, delicious soup. It's so convenient too as there's no prepping involved, you just pop it in your bag before work then heat it up in the microwave and in 3 minutes you can tuck in to a tasty wholesome meal!

The Baxters challenge has been so much fun and as there is such a huge selection of soups to choose from each day it's always exciting to test out the flavours, plus as they are filled with so many nutrients and fresh ingredients the soup left me feeling full but not bloated, with lots of energy ready to tackle an afternoon in the office. Plus the majority of the soups are gluten free which is awesome for my coeliac self as finding convenient gluten free lunches is a tough call. I'm going to continue enjoying Baxters soup as part of my lunch time routine, I love how warming they are and they are seriously yummy and comforting to eat as well as being full of healthy ingredients - also in comparison to other lunches like sandwiches and pasta salads the soups are lower in calories, fat and salt, but much higher in nutrients, vitamins and fresh ingredients. I totally recommend giving the Souper Swap Challenge a go and it's ideal to kick start a more healthy approach to eating!

*c/o Baxters foods soups, here*


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