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Monday, 13 February 2017

The Monday Piece - Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse Review

This week's Monday Piece is on this Penclic wireless Bluetooth mouse! I'm a sucker for a new gadget and love a bit of tech, especially when it can make life so much easier and has a great use. I've been trying out this ergonomic mouse from Penclic, the mouse connects with Bluetooth to your PC or Mac so there's no need for annoying wires, it comes with a little dust bag too which is ideal for keeping it clean and carrying it around on the go. It is so sleek and the white colour looks so classic, you don't need any extra software or downloads either so you literally pop in the rechargeable battery and off you go. It can operate on any surface making it even more ideal for travelling or using practically anywhere you like whether it's on the train or in the park.

The 5 button and scroll wheel make it easy to use and it fits in the hand neatly, it's smaller than I thought it would be but this is great as it's not bulky at all and is really lightweight - the wireless range is up to 5 metres which is super clever and convenient. As well as all of the amazing technology, the Penclic mouse is also designed to prevent repetitive strain injury - a common problem more of us are having to deal with due to increased computer use - i use a PC at work all day and by the end of it my hand always feels stiff and clammy from gripping onto an old school basic mouse that's not really very ergonomic at all. I've switched it to the Penclic and although it took me a few 'goes' to get the hang of it, I've mastered the upright more natural design and have been loving it, it's like a dinky joy stick!

The smart Scandinavian design is durable, sleek, great quality and has given me so many advantages in comparison to the usual mouse I use. If you're tired of using the same mouse and are looking for a new gadget that is ultra cool and useful then snap up a Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse - it's so convenient and can be carried everywhere due to its light compact design, plus if you suffer with RSI or stiffness in the hands you will see notable improvements in symptoms. Priced at £79.99 the mouse offers fantastic design and great value for money as it's a gadget that brings assistance and help as well as being ergonomic and great to look at.

*c/o Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse, here*

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  1. Oh wow, how unusual!! I've never heard of the before but it's such a cool idea. :)

    T x


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