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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Winter Beauty Saviours

I am pretty loyal to my regular hair and beauty products, but every so often when I see something that ticks all of my boxes I have to give it a try! It has been so cold and miserable lately over here in the UK so my skin and hair have been suffering a little, though it meant it is the ideal time to bring in some fresh new products, all of which I have been loving and are now part of my regular routine.

I've been using Kerastase products for a few years now, and i'm always impressed with the amazing results my hair gets from the range - I've been looking for a new hair oil for a little while and have been waiting for the Kerastase Elixir Ultime for fine hair to go into sale but it never did so I decided to go ahead and give it a try anyway as I've heard so many amazing reviews for it. My hair is long but quite fine, it tangles easy and during the winter months it can be a bit lacklustre and lacking in shine and volume. The Kerastase Elixir Ultime for fine hair is a light spray oil fortified with argan and maize, and is designed to enrich hair without weighing it down, plus it adds shine and volume. I've been using it on my damp hair before styling, then on dry hair too to finish the style - the oil is really light and not heavy at all, it soaks into hair immediately giving an instant result - more shine, more tamed ends, and more volume too - plus it smells incredible and acts as a hair perfume which is great for me as I wash my hair every 2-3 days so it freshens it up! You can buy this oil direct from your hairdressers, or you can get it online for around £40.00 pre sale, it's not cheap but the glass bottle it really big and you only need a few sprays of the mist at a time so it will last for ages. For me it's something that i'm loving and will continue to use.

Comvita Medihoney Skintensive cream is a skin cream I've introduced into my routine recently, with a milk like consistency it's an intensive moisturiser filled with goodness and natural ingredients, most notably medical grade Manuka honey and rich plant butters. The cream is designed to smooth and help visibly dry, itchy, or eczema prone skin, and is fragrance free and pH balanced so it's ideal for the most sensitive of skins. I've been using this on any 'problem' skin areas and have been really impressed, it leaves my skin so soft and feels so silky when applying it to the skin. Cold weather dries out my skin, and it can get a little patchy from the excessive central heating too, it's been a saviour for helping with this and it absorbs into my skin quickly leaving a non greasy and soft result. The cream is so light so it's definitely something i'd use all year round, priced at £8.99 a little goes a long way and as it's full of natural ingredients so I think it's a bit of a bargain as it has so many uses!

When we took a trip to Hong Kong last year and there were so many cute packaged make-up products, but I ended up leaving without any so when I spotted this South Korean Tony Moly pocket bunny moist mist spray in my local TKMaxx I had to pick it up! The packaging is so cute, and their whole range is as equally as adorable as this, but it's not just the packaging that has impressed me. I love the formula as it's made up of French Celtic water, strawberry, peach and apple, and it smells so fresh. The spray can be used as a primer, make up setter, and as a refreshing spray throughout the day adding lots of freshness and vitamins to your skin - this has been adding some much needed moisture to my skin giving a nourished feel and glowing look! I am already looking out for more Tony Moly products as they look totally adorable and work so well too, you can pick this up online for about £9.00 or in store at Selfridges for £12.50, but check out TKMaxx as I got it for £5.00, a total bargain.

I'm always open to a new supplement to enhance my skin, wellbeing or health - I've been trying out the famous Japanese Mikei Red Reishi essence used by celebrity clients like Kim Kardashian that claims to limit the ageing process, maintain a healthy immune system, improve circulatory health, maintain a healthier cardiovascular system, maintain wellbeing and improve your skin. Once reserved only for royalty, red reishi was the most sought after medicinal herb in Eastern medicine because of its rarity. Today, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine consider red reishi nature’s most powerful and beneficial adaptogen. The packet comes with a 30 day supply of vegetarian tablets - the Mayuzumi family of Japan is the world's foremost experts on producing the highest quality red reishi mushroom. In 1976, the family patented the most superior strain and perfected its cultivation and concentration methods to the exacting standards of the Japan Reishi Association so you can rest assured that the supplement is from a reliable, historic source. Since using the supplement I have noticed a brighter, cleaner complexion, it's definitely something i'd like to continue taking over time to get thefull benefits, especially with regards to enhancing the immune system. Each supplement pack is priced at around £47.99 depending on where you get it from.

What products have you been enjoying this winter?

*Kerastase Elixir Ultime spray for fine hair, here*
*c/o Medihoney Skintensive cream, here*
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*c/o Mikei Red Reishi supplement, here*


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