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Monday, 27 August 2018

The Monday Piece - Jimbocho, Book Street Tokyo

This weeks Monday Piece is on Jimbocho, book street Tokyo! Part of the magic of living in Tokyo is being surrounded by what seems like a never ending path of back streets, waiting to be discovered. Today Nick took me to 'Book Street' in Jimbocho which is exactly that... A street (a few streets actually), FULL of bookstores - essentially most of the stores are like a real life 'Flourish and Blotts' as they sell not only new books but also used books from across the globe, with some dating back hundreds of years. Expect to find rare first edition books, series of texts that are 500 years old, and leather bound part hand written part printed books as well as newly published texts.  The stores are incredible and an absolute treasure trove for book lovers - of course with rareness comes some verrrry hefty price tags with some of the books fetching thousands of pounds, but there are also used books for just a few pounds too so there us something for everyone! I'd recommend this place even if you aren't a bookworm as it's pretty awesome and the history surrounding the street is interesting and diverse, and there are many books published in a plethora of foreign languages so of you're after a good read that's not in Japanese then this is your place!


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