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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Decorating and Home Furnishings

Since Nick and I have moved into our little home we've been slowly building it up, buying bits and bobs to make it 'ours' as well as doing some simple decorating - it's an exciting time and a new adventure for the two of us, and of course shopping for a new home is also exciting! I'm finding myself browsing magazines, websites and blogs, looking for inspiration and supplies. Whilst doing so i've come across lots of new websites offering their services for decorating and home furnishing, that i wouldn't have necessarily seen otherwise so it's opening my eyes to how much choice and variety there is available.

We rent as buying is mega pricey where we live in Malvern, it's ideal for now as we are just starting out, it's freshly decorated with white walls, spongy cream carpets and wooden floors, with a modern sleek bathroom, and high gloss white finish kitchen - so we don't have much to decorate, though Kent Blaxill have all the supplies we need for if and when we decide to change anything. They have a huge selection of paint from leading brands including Farrow & Ball and Earthborn, providing top class quality and a smooth, even finish (ideal for DIY novices like me)! If you fancy a printed or plain wallpaper instead they sell this too, again with lots of different colours, styles and finishes.

Home furnishings and turning a house into a home is equally as important as decorating and choosing the right colour paint, fixtures and fittings. HomeSense has to be one of my favourite places for furnishing pieces, they have so many unique things, from everything like bath mats, to toothbrush holders, paintings to rugs, chairs to lamps - they have it all! I love the jazzy feel to the shop too, and of course the prices are equally as enticing! I'm also a fan of Next though find it can be a little overpriced, so i'll be keeping a keen eye out for the sales - i won't be one of the crazy sales shoppers waiting outside at 5am though! I've included some snaps of interior and decorating inspo, i like a cosy, clean, fresh and simple home, a little scruffy around the edges so the below definitely caught my attention!


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  1. I LOVE looking at pictures of interiors but they frustrate me a bit because I still live with my parents so the only part of the house I have any control over is my room! And I don't want to go too mad buying things because I'm saving to move out! Vicious Cycle!

    Hannah x


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